Thursday, May 2, 2013

Cerinthe- An Intriguing Flower for Springtime Weddings!

I love following flower blogs... One of my favorites is Erin Benzakein's Floret Flower Farm. Last spring she  featured a lovely flower that was new to me- Cerinthe. It's an interesting plant in the garden with its arching succulent-like stems that hold pendulous purple bells. The coloring on the leaves is striking too with overtones of peacock blue and green.
 I searched for the seeds- found them through Renee's Garden. And I am so glad that I did! So I started the seeds last fall, moved seedlings to some of my mini hoops for the winter, and started harvesting flowers last month for wedding work.
They made their first appearance in Allison's lavender, purple and plum bouquet....
And here they are featured with Angelique Tulips, wood hyacinth, white and pink ranunculus,
 rose and white anemones, and Solomon's Seal
They have definitely found a new home in my gardens. So looking forward to using them for spring time weddings next year!!!

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