Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hooping It Up at Springwell Gardens

So excited to get the raised beds planted for late winter-early spring blooms. Started putting in ranunculus (see picture above) and anemone corms a couple of weeks ago.
 If  you look very closely you can see the baby plants starting to emerge!
Wilson gave up his Saturday to help me get the plastic covering in place. It's exciting to convert these raised beds into mini hoop houses. It means I will be able to grow cool season flowers that need a little protection from the low temperatures, and hopefully by late February or early March there will be ranunculus and anemones ready to pick!
There's also a batch of new seedlings taking off in the studio under grow lights. Poppies, foxlgove, snapdragons and delphinium will also be moved into these beds once they are a little larger.

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