Thursday, August 23, 2012

Late Summer Bouquet of Pink Gomphrena and Scented Geraniums

Flowers from the late summer garden offer lots of interesting textures and fragrance. Gomphrena packs a lot of color and texture especially when flower heads are clustered together.
And for fragrance- nothing beats the bright green leaves of Scented Geranium. From citrus to cinnamon to old rose- there's a lot to choose from. They make a lovely collar for a summer or fall bouquet.
Here they are combined with some of other late summer garden favorites...
Feathery flower spikes of wheat celosia (pictured above on the left hand side) and African Blue Basil (pictured in the lower right hand corner below).
Pink lisianthus and pink and white zinnias round out this sweet little bouquet.
These flowers are ideal for autumn bouquets as well. As the days grow shorter these plants just continue to churn out the blooms- some of them until frost!

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