Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Coral Wedding Flowers for Dominique and Javier

Normally I will do a close-up of the Bridal Bouquet as a first picture, but I want to explain this particular bridal bouquet before I show it- so the first picture for this wedding post is a picture of the Toss Bouquet.
Dominique and Javier first dropped by my studio (at my home in Cary) in February, and both were exuberant as they shared  ideas for their late May wedding. Lots of personal touches would be included, and the colors would be bold- bright corals and deep navy and cobalt blue.
My part was to provide flowers for the bridesmaids, Gerber daisies for the wine bottle centerpieces, and some floral accents for the gift table.
And since it was a May wedding, I wanted to introduce them both to some garden flowers that could play a support role to the Gerber daisies and coral spray roses.
So the week after our initial meeting in February, I started seeds for zinnias in bright corals and salmon.
A few weeks before the wedding, Javier and Dominique came by to drop off the cobalt blue wine bottles for the centerpieces. While they were here, we stepped out to the garden, and I was able to show them the bed of zinnias. Dominique also liked the double flowered form of feverfew that blooms this time of year, so some of them were included in the bouquets too.
And speaking of wine bottle centerpieces....
They were perfect for the reception at Cafe Luna in Raleigh. Another personal touch was cloth napkins in bright corals and navy. Dominique's Mom, Debi, stitched up each one!
And  Dominique's Dad, Dominick, put his wine making skills to work in providing small gift bottles of wine for all the guests!
And finally... Remember the Bridal Bouquet? Well I'm not the one who created it... This bouquet was created by Dominique's Mom- a beautiful bouquet designed with silk florals and brooches!
They dropped by several days before the wedding, and I was able to get a few pictures of Dominique holding her wedding bouquet- Just stunning!
What a beautiful and loving keepsake... 
Everything came together beautifully last Saturday. 
Dominique and Javier, I am so happy for you both! Praying God's blessing on your new marriage!!!

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