Wednesday, February 29, 2012

DIY: Spring Centerpiece Design with Pansies

This has been a great year for pansies in the South!!! Winter has been mild and now that March is here, the pansies are really taking off.
Many nurseries are still carrying the plants too. This time of year they can be purchased in little 2x2" containers which are just right for creating DIY centerpieces for a spring bridal or baby shower, luncheon or any type of gathering of family and friends. AND what's so great about these container designs is that they can be put together several weeks ahead of your event.
So here are the gatherings for making your centerpiece designs:
2x2" pansy plants, (I purchased these from Campbell Road Nursery in Raleigh), and 4" tall terracotta pots and saucers (craft store, Lowes or Home Depot).
1) Remove the plants from their containers and loosen or tease out their roots:
2) Place each plant in its own terracotta pot. Notice in the picture below there are some gaps around the root ball- you can fill these gaps in with potting soil if you like.
3) Next, to neaten up the plants, remove any faded flowers or
seed heads. I cut the stems back with a pair of scissors. Taking out the seed heads (see below), keeps the plants producing more flowers.
4) And because I want these plants to put on lots of blooms over the next few weeks, I apply a water soluble fertilizer that encourages more blooms.
5) Next I take dried moss, (you can purchase this from a craft store), wet it and wring it out like a sponge. Then I tuck it around the potted plant.
This looks much more attractive than black potting soil.
Over the next few weeks these little guys will continue to grow and put on more flowers. Keep containers watered and fertilized (follow label instructions cause you don't want to overdo it!), and continue to remove faded blooms and any seed heads.
Then after your party, you can give these away for others to enjoy for the rest of the spring season!

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