Monday, January 17, 2011

Weddings- Rob & Nicole

Yesterday was the wedding day for Nicole and Rob. Nicole is a dear friend of my daughter, Mary, and Nicole's Mom, Helen, is a dear friend of mine. It was a joy to design her wedding flowers. Nicole loved the antique look of Amnesia roses, so this was the flower she chose for her bridal bouquet.
The look was definitely vintage. Milk glass, white pitchers and dainty white creamers held an assortment of purple and lavender tones, mixed with creams, whites and blues. I must admit there was not a lot to gather from the garden beds. My rosemary and lavender bushes are some of the faithful plants I have in the middle of winter- so I cut some stems from them, as well as some scented geranium, ivy and holly fern. Nicole was responsible for a charming eclectic look for the reception tables as well as whimsical touches that greeted the guest as they entered the hall. I hope to have some of those images soon from talented Robyn and her husband, Jordan, of Robyn Van Dyke Photography. I recommend that you check out her website at:
I designed this letter "S" to hang above the dessert table. It was created with dried larkspur and lavender and tiny black seeds with little white hearts from "Love In A Puff". This is one of my favorite plants to grow in the summer and fall garden. I will be posting a DIY on dried flowers soon that features this design. In the meantime, I want to wish this dear couple great joy as they begin their married life- Rob and Nicole, I am so happy for you!!!

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